Urban Flooding


Urban Flooding Project is a one year project designed an apparatus that protects basement appliances. This apparatus is a special bag that has a buoyant edge on the top of it. The basement appliances sit in the bag, and the bag sits on the ground before flooding. During the flooding, the buoyant force pushes the buoyant part up, and raise up the entire bag to cover the appliances, protecting it from being damaged by flooding. This design is currently under provisional patent application.




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Full-scale water testing
Team Prototyping
Small Mockup Testing
Full Scale Mockup
Sketch_during flooding
Sketch_before flooding
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Flooding is a large problem for homeowners all over the world. However, homeowners’ insurance typically does not cover flooding. Therefore, Chicago-area homeowners often face anxiety and financial strain from flooding. This creates a need for a low cost solution to protect home appliances in the basement, which is the floor most susceptible to water damage. The project is to design a solution that could automatically protect basement appliances during flooding.

My Roles

Served as project team lead


Researched on flooding, flood protection products and system, governmental policy, user needs and etc


Brainstormed potential solutions and synthesis in to alternative matrix


Came up with conceptual models and create mockups 


Tested mockups and synthesiezed finding 


Prototyped and tested full-scale design

Top 5 Skills Developed





IP research

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