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3D modeling

user interview


V is a new U Lock storage system that improves the Locking and Unlocking experience. V is installed on the bike frame, and users can simply plug in and out their U Lock into V before and after riding. V is elastic and fits a variety of different U lock and bike frames. 


Packaged design

Installed on a bike



We researched and observed that U-Lock storage during bike riding is inconvinient due to the following reasons. 1) U-Lock if stored on the front frame would rattle a lot  2) Security problem because U-lock is heavy 3) Traditional U-Lock mount often get stuck. The following video was used when we were conducting user survey for the project, and it explains the design challenge in more detail.

My Roles

Observed people riding bikes and storing U-Locks 


Interviewed users Northwestern University


Interviewed bike expert working at bike stores in the neighborhood


Conducted user-testing using different methods including storyboards, card sorting, mockup testing...


Collected over 200 online survey to get statistical results from people's design preferences


Prototyped 10 different models including low fidelity mockups and higher fidelity final products


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