Smart Walk

Top 5 Skills Improved

arduino uno

laser cutting

user research


team work



SmartWalk is an automatic feedback device for visually impaired people to receive exercise feedback in a non-visual way. Using a magnetic sensor to track the rotations of the treadmill’s belt, SmartWalk sends this information to a Statistics Calculator mounted in the treadmill cup holder which keeps a continuously updated calculation of time, distance, and speed. Users can request time, distance, or speed feedback at any time using the button box, and after a request is made, SmartWalk quickly reads that data to the user in a human voice through either headphones or a speaker.  

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Our client is Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago where visually impaired users experience difficulties exercisign on treadmill independently. They have to rely on help from stuff to understand exercise statistics such as time, distance and speed. Our goal is to design a non-visual statsitic feedback system for those treadmill users.

first laser-cut prototype tested
3D printed improved prototype
inside micro-controller
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My Roles

Identified major challenges by communicating with the client, doing onsite observation and interviews


Brainstorm on potential solutions and proposed conceptual ideas 


Created low-fidelity mockups and tested with users onsite 


Synthesized mockups and improved designs


Prototyped functional product by lawer cutting, coding Arduino and chip assemplying 


Did performance testing and user testing of the protoype


Led the project as continuous project for 3 more months and improved design by making and printing a 3D model, and improving the codes

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inside micro-controller