Workflow Manager

Automated Calculation Engine for Risk Management


UX Design

User Research



Journey Map

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The project objective is to improve the user experience of the Workflow Manager. I'm the user researcher and UX designer.

What is Workflow Manager?

Workflow Manager is an automated calculation engine in the cloud for risk managers and analysts consuming commodities and energy data. Users set up data source and algorithm (javascript) in Workflow, and then it will run the processes automatically based on pre-set schedules. Although Workflow is able to do complicated data derivation, it also has an unintuitive UI. Therefore, it usually takes a lot of implementation resource to help set up Workflow for new clients.

User Research

User Interviews + Observation

Learn about the type of computing models clients are currently automating and clients' experience using the tool. I also gave them a task to "Set up a Workflow that calculate the average of high and low value of a derivative product every day, and publish the average to a specific data feed" and observed how they complete it. The research is both conducted at client side as well as virtually.

Co-design of Journey Mapping

Mapping out a general journey of using Workflow Manager with users, and understanding bottlenecks and challenges they've encountered.

Journey Map for General Use Case


Summarizing user research results and categorizing areas of improvements, ranked by desirability.

Desire Intensity Heat Table


White-boarding and brainstorming with the team on solutions.

Mockups & User Testing

Interactive mockups are created, and tested with end users.

Concept 1 - Dependency

Since it's common that multiple Workflows have dependent relationship, i.e. the output of one Workflow is fed as the input of another, users hope to see status tracking on dependent Workflows to take proper actions.

Interactive Mockup in Invision Upon Request

Concept 2 - Versioning

Since version control is required for auditing and security purposes, users are hoping for a function that stores all versions of Workflow edits, and allows them to edit previous versions and compare them against the current version. They would also like to copy a specific version of Workflow to a different account.

Interactive Mockup in Invision Upon Request

Concept 3 - Multiple Data Inputs

Users are hoping to set up multiple data inputs at once to reduce the time spent on setups.

Interactive Mockup in Invision Upon Request

Content Marketing

To help users understand what Workflow does and why it is powerful, I redesigned the product one-pager.

Product One-pager