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What is Jiang China Design (JCD)

Jiang China Design (JCD) is a design community for college students to learn about human-centered design process and create meaningful social impact by working on real-life community projects. JCD Human-Centered Design Challenge is a two-week design bootcamp for college students across all disciplines. Founded in 2015, it took place in Beijing and Hangzhou, China, and has graduated over hundred students, and gathered over 500 design professionals and enthusiasts.

Why I founded JCD?

​I am the founder of Jiang China Design initiative. It's quite an eventful journey with many challenges and enlightenments along the way, though the initial drive to found JCD was quite simple. In college, I was fascinated by the story of Jerry the Bear at a student design organization called Design for America. Jerry is a diabetic toy bear and its blood pressure can be controlled by feeding him food and taking insulin shots at proper times, and thus help children with diabetes to learn to take care of themselves while having a close friend. This great idea was generated through a vigorous human-centered design process with rich user research and many rounds of quick iterations. It changed how I view design and the power of impact design could bring, and I felt the strong need to work on challenges in the communities I'm from through my own hands via this process. I asked myself, what if I can scope out challenges in the city of Hangzhou, China, and find some friends to tackle those challenges together? That's the initial idea of JCD, and it later transformed into an educational program that involve students of diverse background from all over the world to work together on design challenges.

Strategy & Story - How I Turned Idea Into Reality

  1. Gathering the Team - Onboard core team members to be in charge of program design, operations, finance, marketing and recruiting
  2. Finding Projects - Source projects that are socially conscious, daring but feasible for students who might not have design background. Find clients and set up relationship.
  3. Finding Space and Partners - Figure out logistically and financially how things will work, what we need from partners and what we can offer
  4. Getting faculty - Finding professors, design professors and enthusiasts that have aligning visions
  5. Recruiting Students - Interview students

Sample Student Projects

Subway handle design with a message of "Please Hold My Hand" to educate the public of HBV transmission to reduce discrimination

Designed a DIY game set to deliver art education to underprivileged children by guiding them to design and make a board game themselves

Designed a service of making bags out of retired clothes to enhance people's awareness of clothing up-cyling and make it more accessible

Designed public reading service in subways, enhancing book reading experience for busy commuters

Designed strollers that are steady on stairs to provide a safe and convenient experience for parents traveling with children.

Designed triangular path bumps (for better direction pointing) and voice announcement for incoming busses for the visually impaired to improve their bus experience

If you are interested in learning about more projects and JCD, send me a message!