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Why make a tree that holds various types of fruits?

My boyfriend and I enjoy eating fruits, and we love purchasing different types of fruits during grocery shopping. Since we just moved on campus, we didn’t have a fruit bowl at home, and the fruits were stored in the plastic bags from the grocery store and stacked on top of each other. It looked messy and was also not the best way to keep fruits fresh. For example, for bananas, the best way to keep them fresh is hanging them up. This is the origin of “Harvest”, which is a fruit holder that can hold various types of fruits, and I am also hoping that it is aesthetically pleasing to serve as home decoration. Since most fruits grow on trees, so the concept of a tree where fruits lay on leaf-shape plates highlights a sense of organic freshness and life cycle. Fruits harvesting on the "tree" and being ready for pick up and eating will also encourage me and my boyfriend to keep healthy lifestyle and habits by eating more fruits.

Very initial sketches

Rapid prototypes made of scrap wood & cardboard

3D CAD modeling

How is the tree made?

Tree branches are tubes milled with fish mouths

Leaves are sheet metals cut and formed

All the modules are prepared before assembling

Braze to connect a leaf, a branch and a block of tree stump into one module

Several modules are connected together with a tube inside

Make the wood base

Polish and Finish