Night Ministry



To improve volunteering experience at youth homeless shelter called the Crib, we designed a Journey Map that shows the steps of volunteering. This will be send to volunteers before they arrive at Crib as well as sticked to the refrigerator in the kitchen.



As part of the Night Ministry in Chicago, The Crib is an LGBTQ-friendly night shelter for homeless youth ages 18-24. The Crib relies on volunteer groups to serve hot meals. However, there was a barrier of communication between the volunteer and the youth, and expectations of the volunteer did not match reality. Our goal is to improve volunteering experience for first-time volunteers by: 1. match them with the right expectation for the volunteering experience 2. gives volunteers clear directions while volunteering 3. help encouraging the conversations and interactions.

My Roles



Served as Project Team Lead


Initiated and facilitated communication with the client, the Night Ministry 


Visited the Crib every month, interacted with staff and youth there and did user observation and mockup testing


Brainstormed potential designs 


Used design matrix to determine on the final design

Top 5 Skills Developed


user interview




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