Helping Hand


Helping Hand is a phone case that has an inserted spray system. This spray system contains hand sanitizers, and helps users to have easy access to hand sanitizers, improving their hand hygine. Hand Sanitizers in contained in slim cards that can be easily disposed and refilled. 


Hand sanitizing pack in the case
Sprays when pressing button
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The general challenge is to improve public health. After research and discussions we team narrowed down our challenge to how can we encourage people wash hands more often? 


My Roles



Researched and conducted survey to get data on public health awareness, and scoped project with more specific definition


Interviewed users to get more qualitative insights on their hand washing habits


Brainstormed potential solutions and came up with alternative matrix


Created low fidelity mockups and tested them with users on campus 


Refined the design based on testing


Top 5 Skills Developed



user interview



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