SmartWalk is an automatic feedback device for visually impaired people to receive exercise feedback in a non-visual way. Using a magnetic sensor to track the rotations of the treadmill’s belt, SmartWalk sends this information to a Statistics Calculator mounted in the treadmill cup holder which keeps a continuously updated calculation of time, distance, and speed. Users can request time, distance, or speed feedback at any time using the button box, and after a request is made, SmartWalk quickly reads that data to the user in a human voice through either headphones or a speaker.  



Freshmen don’t know what to expect in a roommate relationship because this is their first time living with a stranger. Many people have a hard time confronting roommates about issues. Unless they are serious issues, most avoid the room or just let them go. How might we build a communication tool for freshmen to be better roommates? 


Journey Map

Service Blueprint

My Roles

Set the project goal to be relieving stress for college students 


Did research, branstormed on over 150 potential solutions


Came up with a graduating student roommate management app


Pivoted to freshmen roommate stress after testing


Interviewed freshmen residents, senior residents, residential service director and residential assistant


Brainstormed new designed and created conceptual design mockups


Tested new conceptul designs


Created video prototype and presented to our targeted client: Northwestern Residential Service




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Top 5 Skills Developed


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