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Campus Safety Designed an App called Safe Walk for improving campus safety at night. This App helps students to find walking partners who are going to close destinations from close starting locations at night.

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How can we improve campus safety for student walking alone at night?

My 1st experience as a designer


Campus Safety Project is my first human-centered design project at Northwestern University, and also my first design project ever.The most fun part was user observation. Curious and excited, we stood outside an Evanston bar at midnight to do user observation on students coming outside alone. We noticed that students who walked out and went home alone would grab on to thier phones firmly and check their phones often, as if they would contact their friends if emergency happens. We then had an inspiration that we should have something on their phone that could make their trip safer. This idea later turn into the SafeWalk app.


Reflecting on my past three years of design experiences, I find it a journey full of hard work, rewards and joy, and this project is the start of that continuing journey.


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Top 5 Skills Developed

user observation


user interview