WalkingOCD - In Space

Take a fun walk in space - with OCD


Sound & Video Making

Visual Design & Art


Project description

I have this walking OCD that I'd like to use my left foot to cross a landmark instead of any foot. I thought it was just me until I found out that many people have OCDs about the way they walk. Therefore, I created this walking OCD simulator/game to recreate the experience and explore the playfulness. 

In the demo below, I chose to walk in space(wow) with the music "Fly Me To The Moon", and the setting could be updated based on your preference.

Walking OCD - In SPACE

How to play

1) Click left and right arrow tabs in your keyboard to move the left and right feet forward

2) The faster you click, the faster you walk, and the faster the music is.

The slower you click, the slower you walk, and the slower the music is.

3) Try to step on the moving bars using your left foot. If you do so, you get a satisfying sound. If you step on the bar with the wrong foot (which is right foot), then you hear an unpleasant sound.

4) If you fall out of space, the music stops.

5) Have fun walking! 


Project Partner: Tony Chen

Program used: Unity + Chuck

Sound: produced in Chuck + Song Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

Foot drawn in Blender

Note: OCD is short for Obsessive compulsive disorder