What does tomato have to do with maze?


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What does tomato have to do with maze?

I don't know, until I planted tomatoes and made a maze.

I'm a tomato addict. During quarantine I finally decided to farm some tomato! The plants you see in the video and picture are little tomato seedlings that I just transplanted with a few loftees:) They are beefsteak and roma tomatoes.

So what has tomato has to do with maze? Well, maze is fun, mysterious and unknown at first. It's challenging at times when you are stuck and don't know what to do next, and eventually you get to the middle or find the end, and feel super accomplished. Tomatoes are fun and delicious. Planting is new to me so I'm exploring. I might fail (if my tomatoes die and I hope not), or I might harvest!

In this piece I made the maze out of bricks.

Tomatoes in the middle >> Prize!

​Tomatoes against the obstacles >> Even if I fail, I also harvest something because there's so much joy along the way

​I'm enjoying the process of farming tomatoes as I'm enjoying the maze. So hope you enjoy tomaze.

Special thanks: Tony for helping set up the maze, Amy, Jeff, Olga and Adrienne for participating in the video, and Amy for taking the group picture.