The Identity Project

An Identity Exploration


Visual Design & Art


Laser Cutting

Project description


When you look at this piece from afar, you see a group of people and it's hard to tell the difference. They blend in with their surroundings. As you get closer, you see groups of people. They might be in families, people of the same race and culture, people share the same interests. When you get even closer, you see individuals, their personalities, their fragility and stories. And if you get really close to the piece, from the mirroring, you can see yourself.

We are what we see in perspectives.


Imagine a huge database, and every human can be traced by data searching. For example, if you search "Northwestern", "Chicago", "Stanford", "Chinese", "Master's student", "human-centered design", "Design Impact", "tomato lover", "chess", "improv", you will find me as the search result. Can everyone be defined by these search categories? If not, let's say you end up with a result of 3 people instead of 1, what are the things that sets these three people apart? If these differences do exist, then can they get added as new categories that can be used for the search algorithm? Are there things that can't be classified? What is data? What is database? Can we escape being defined?