Thank You, Strangers

Sound Data Visualization for A Personal Story


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Project description
This is a data visualization piece that uses music and video to show a personal story

Feb 3rd, 2020 I was in an electric scooter accident on my way to school. My two front teeth got immediately knocked out. Kind strangers helped me get up and sent me to the hospital. I want to express my gratitude to them by capturing the moment of the accident when I was traumatized and overwhelmed, and how they helped me get back to my feet and brought me clarity of what to do next. Many people might have encountered strangers who offer small but kind deeds that greatly impacted our lives. I wanted to show that even though we didn't know each other before, and probably won't see each other again, and even though I never knew their names or faces, I remember their kind words and doings. I want to tell them remotely - thank you <3

I included the words the strangers said to me. They were from different people, and the voices are overlapping as people circled around me and were talking at the same time. It reproduces the chaos in the actual setting. The bang sound represented the moment I had the crash. The white noise afterwards shows my confusion and traumatization after the crash - for a second I didn't know what happened, where and how. I'm the saffron circle before the crash. Strangers are circles of other colors. We have different life trajectory as we came from different directions in our lives, and left for different directions after my accident. The accident is what brought us temporarily together. I changed to an orange circle after the crash, showing I'm able to stand on my feet again with warmth help from strangers, I'm cured, and I'm a new me.