漏 · LOU

A meditation jungle


Visual Design & Art


Project description

Collaborative Artist: Donald Swen

The most unexpected but familiar place is where LOU live.  

From the first sight, you can see LOU eating leaves. But if you rub your eyes, look and listen, there’s water. Water is coming out of LOU’s mouth.

Earth takes water. Makes leaves. Leaves are eaten.

Taking and giving. A thin but rich balance, like everything.

What you see at the first sight is only one side of the coin.

What is behind gives the full story and cycle.

The water runs forever.

Be at peace.

What “LOU” means?

It’s the name of the creatures you see under the tree.

LOU in Chinese is 漏. It means to flow, or things flowing through, or leaking through an opening.

漏水 (Lou shui) means leaking water.

漏斗(Lou dou) means funnel.

沙漏 (Sha lou) means hourglass.

In Buddhism, 漏LOU means the mental taint of sensual pleasures, craving for existence, and ignorance that perpetuates the cycle of birth and death. It implies that taints are not permanent conditions but rather flow into or out of the mind.

The state us ourselves, with both inflowing and outflowing, the current state, is what this piece want to explore.

How LOU is built?

LOU is made with bamboo. Bamboo can bend nicely when heat is applied, and that’s how the structures of the tall LOU and low LOU are created. There is a thin clear vinyl tube along side Lou’s neck, and a water pump at the bottom that pushes water up. When the water falls down, it gets collected back in the water bucket where the pump lives, and thus reused by LOU.

A Demo Video

And Photos