An Interactive Music Sequencer


Sound & Video Making

Visual Design & Art


Project description
On a sunny day, a tomato and a mushroom came to the playground, and they found their friends banana, oranges, pumpkins and many others chilling on a seesaw. They went to join them and hang out together.
Every friend has a distinctive voice. As they hang out on the seesaw, they talk, they laugh, they sing, they make music together. It was a good time.

Music Sequencer - Hangout

How to play

1) Tab on keyboard number 1 to 8 to select seats on the seesaw.

2) Tab the initial of the veggie/fruit to place it to the seat selected above. Each veggie/fruit has a different sound. If the seat was initially empty, the veggie/fruit can be placed there. If there is already someone there, they can be swapped.

b -> Banana

t -> tomato

p -> Pumpkin

o -> Orange

m -> Mushroom

e -> Eggplant

a -> Apple

c -> Cabbage

3) Using the same method in 2) but tab "delete" on your keyboard to remove the veggie/fruit.

4) Press up arrow and down arrow on the keyboard to increase or decrease the speed of seesaw rotation.


Project Partner: Tony Chen

Program used: Unity + Chuck

Sound: produced in Chuck

Unity Assets used: