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Project description
Website Design


The old Commodities and Energy Group (C&E) at Morningstar, Inc. has outdated UI and architecture as well as unintuitive navigation. It is hard for user's to find the information they need quickly. The project is to re-design the website so it creates a better user experience. I'm the product manager, the content strategist as well as the UX designer for this project.

The Old Website Has Outdated UI & Navigation

Website Architecture

I met with stakeholders of the Commodity and Energy business to come up with a simple and straightforward website layout.

Interactive Mockups & Testings

I did multiple iterations of designs in Sketch, and made interactive mockups in Invision to test. I also had one on one sessions with 10+ users to observe how they use it and collect feedback. Color palette of the front page is extremely important because it serves as the first impression. The initial mockups were made using light and soft gradients to match the general company web design style. However, through testings I learned that because the commodity and energy industry is mostly male dominated, it requires the colors to be stronger and firmer.

Invision Interactive Mockup Link
Mockups of Front Page Banner