Beach House

Houses that talk to each other for fun times


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Project description
Project Partner: Olga Saadi

What is the Beach House?

Beach House is a product that allows message sending between two or more "houses". The Inspiration came from the beach house I was living in with 10 other friends from the same school. When a message is sent from one "beach house", all other "beach houses" would receive it. The messages are about common rituals in the community, such as "banana bread time" or "fryday" (time to eat fries). The beach house symbolize the good times friends spend together.

The Product Demo

How does it work?

Use Case: Jeff made some banana bread and wants to share with friends in the house. He presses a button to send message "banana bread time!", and then the message is sent via MQTT server. The other beaches receives the message and light up. A pre-recorded sound from Jeff is played, and the LED screen shows the message. Jenny receives the message, and clicks button to accept invitation. Both Jeff and Jenny's house turns green, and a few seconds later, off to their initial state.

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