ending - An Audio Visualizer

In memory of the burning trees in the 2020 wild fire


Sound & Video Making

Visual Design & Art


Project description
One day I woke up, and found myself under and apocalyptic yellow-orange sky. It's the elegy of the burning trees.

As of October 9, 2020, a total of 8,320 fires have burned 4,142,656 acres , more than 4% of the state'f land. The 2020 wildfire is now the largest of California's modern history. With progressing global warming, more and more wire fire is happening.

This piece is to remember this moment, say good bye to the 100-old red woods that burned away, and to remind ourselves to take action to interfere further global warming.

Sound Visualizer - "ending"

Program used: Unity + Chuck

Sound: produced in Chuck, modeled on the song "End of the World"


The central fire visualizes the waveform of music

The bottom fire visualizes the spectrum and history of spectrum

Live Voice Input Demo

Special thanks: Tony Chen for mentoring me on the C# codes used in Unity